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Predictive maintenance

Empower operators and decision makers with AI-generated insights and predictions. Efficiently eliminate downtime and unnecessary costs, boost production and remove the “surprise factor” from the equation.

Our unique approach

It’s not just about making the machines “smarter”
it’s about empowering the people in charge.

While most solutions focus on hardware or software, the workforce has been widely overlooked. As industry and manufacturing evolve, new technological solutions focus on making machines and facilities “smarter.” However, this approach is not only limited, but it also ignores the factory’s most significant asset – people.

We acquire data from anything, anywhere, anytime and analyze it, but we focus on empowering the industrial experts and enable informed decision making. We fuse omni-data acquisition with powerful AI tools to enable profound and effective decision-making. With us, the workforce can break the glass ceiling and achieve even more.

Omni-data harvesting
Non intrusive, all inclusive data collection
AI powered analytics
Model complex operation with cloud sensor fusion
Work - Force
Personalized, AI-based, live, predictions, insights and calls to action

Operational benefits

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

energy consumption

Increase equipment remaining useful life

Increase quality

Enable condition monitoring

Realize predictive maintenance

Business benefits

Improve team capabilities

Charge team motivation

Increase customer satisfaction

Create a competitive edge

Reduce carbon print

Improve business KPIs

Solution components


iCOMOX™ smart sensor family, features five high-quality sensors that enable the precise monitoring of vibrations, magnetic-field, temperature & sound. Using EDGE AI technology, this innovative, non-intrusive and easy to install solution is connected using Cellular / Ethernet to the cloud, providing real-time data about machine health and condition, and actionable insights that enable to predict and prevent failures.
Arrow Electronics and Siemens MindSphere have adopted Shiratech’s iCOMOX™ solution to complement Siemens’ MindSphere predictive maintenance cloud platform.

Analytics SW

Shiratech’s analytics software collects and manages iCOMOX™ data as well as external data, generates the “Sensor fusion” needed to model complex industrial equipment models, and creates predictive alerts and actionable AI based insights.

Main features:

  • Data collection & Storage
  • Asset condition monitoring & sensor data Visualization
  • Anomaly detection
  • Anomalies & Insight Alert management
  • Connectivity API

Offered as a cloud solution. In some cases, may be installed on-prem.

Data science services

Our data-science team is carefully balanced with PHd’s Masters and Bachelors (and 1 Professor) all specializing in industrial data science applications.
Working with proximity to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT in Germany, Tel-Aviv university and Reichman University in Israel, our team develops state-of-the-art industrial AI algorithms and methodologies.
Together with our team of physicists and machine engineering experts, they can create a Tailor-made premium solution to address customer’s specific and unique challenges.

Success management

Our success management team is based on industrial, mechanical, and business experts.
We are fully committed to our customer’s success, from deeply understanding our customer’s unique facility and needs, through detailed work plan, experiment execution, field tests all the way to a full deployment. Our team manages the on-boarding process using collaborative project-management tools, making sure you will see tangible results in a short amount of time, helping claim the business case and ensuring clear savings.

Our offering

Predictive maintenance platform​

A complete solution consisting of the iComox™ smart sensors, Our Analytics software accompanied by our Success Management team delivers a quick and successful implementation in 3 simple steps:

  • Installation – Data collection with iComox™ smart sensors / existing data
  • Baseline – A learning phase setting baseline state
  • Insights – Automatic, Fine-Tuned AI-based insights & Alerts
Our team of experts is there to help perform fast onboarding, generate data even from places that are sometimes perceived as impossible, achieve visibility of the work environment, and formulate a quick and accurate delivery with tangible results.

Tailor made End to End solution

The uniqueness of each Customer is the baseline of our approach. We investigate the client’s work environment and formulate an extensive work plan customized to their specific needs. This tailor-made ‘solution suit’ is built on understanding the Customer’s unique pain points and challenges and creating an optimal, accurate work plan that includes installation, experiment, field tests, and deployment. Our team of change management, physics, mechanical engineers, and AI experts works closely with our customers, adjusting our ‘Predictive maintenance platform’ with custom AI Algorithms, Insights, and visualizations designed to meet each Customer’s unique challenges.

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